how does this work?


    Every landscape designer has their unique approach to design and construction. We divide the process into 3 parts: consultation, design and construction.

    First, we do a consultation on site. This usually takes an hour to an hour and a half, in which we discuss your goals, stylistic preferences, and lifestyle needs.
    We determine what challenges the site presents and come up with solutions during this first meeting. Once we have a discussion of what elements you would like to add to your landscape (pools, patios, water features, etc.), we can usually give you a rough idea of the budget the project would require to see to completion. From this meeting, we determine the design fee. Because of the time and valuable information exchanged during the consultation, we do charge for our time based on how far away the project is.

    The next phase is design. From the consultation, we have enough information to do a preliminary master plan for your project. We set up a meeting to present and discuss the plan. From there, we tweak the drawings to make sure everyone is happy with the final result. At this point, we bid the project.

    Finally, the construction phase. After you accept the bid, we schedule a time to begin construction on your project. We do one project at a time for quality control reasons. Our in-house crew completes any masonry and soil work required, and we coordinate any subcontractors that the job requires (pool, fence, irrigation, etc).

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    We specialize in residential landscape design and construction for existing homes and new construction. Our job is to analyze your goals, desires and budget and see the project through with a design that is right for you. Design and construction are treated as two separate phases for your project. During the design phase, we consider elements such as:
  • patios/decks
  • water features including ponds, waterfalls and fountains
  • pools/spas
  • plant bed layout
  • pergolas/shade structures
  • walkways/driveways
  • drainage problems

Considering these elements, we work to create a master plan for your landscape that is the most functional and environmentally responsible for your outdoor space. With new construction, we prefer to get involved as early as possible and work in tandem with your architect and contractor on final grading, soil selection, driveway layout and other outdoor elements of your home.


The majority of construction is handled in house with Botanical Concerns’ full time, long term employees. The only services we subcontract are irrigation, electrical and carpentry. We prefer to have control over each job from start to finish.

design philosophy

We take into account:

  • the contour of the land and the flow of the water,
  • the architecture and style of the house,
  • the lifestyle of the clients

We work with the natural beauty of Central Texas; maintaining its regional heritage.

We try to stay in keeping with the beauty of the region, using primarily indigenous building materials and native or well adapted plants while still maintaining a sense of order and structure – a sense of place.  We think in terms of developing creative solutions that deal with difficult terrains using natural and organic materials.

Together with your ideas, we can create a place where nature is in partnership with humans and provide an outdoor living space or sanctuary.